Heber Valley Railroad, Utah (February 2005)

About me.

I started taking photographs in 1994 after being inspired by the work of O. Winston Link. Since then, I have been an avid photographer of railroad subjects, especially the recreation of historically accurate steam operations. In the course of photographing railroads around the country, I have had an increasing fascination with industrial settings that represent the continual decline of the manufacturing industry in the United States, especially in the Northeastern portion of the country.In the past few years, I have spent increasing time photographing non-railroad subjects. A significant portion of my efforts in this area has been focused on lighthouses and other historic structures. Like railroads, lighthouses are vestiges of a bygone era, remnants of a profession that no longer exists and another example of infrastructure that has been replaced by technology. 

Most recently, I have taken an interest in glamour photography. Photographing the human body and working with models is a very different experience than the types of photography I had previously been accustomed to. I like to work with models in outdoor environments where landscapes and bodyscapes go hand in hand.

Enjoy the galleries contained in this site and come back often as the site will be updated on a regular basis.Any of the photographs on this web site are available for purchase as prints. Prints come in a variety of sizes from 8"x10" to 40"x60" depending on the specific photograph. Please contact me directly for details.